Ultra Sonic Screens

Our ultrasonic anti-blinding system comprises an ultrasonic vibration generator and an ultrasonic transducer.

The ultrasonic generator is connected to 230v power supply & it excites the transducer with ultrasonic frequency [up to 34 KW]. The ultrasonic transducer is fitted in a resonating frame that is welded to the mesh frame. The ultrasonic transducer is connected to the ultrasonic generator through a cable. The ultrasonic transducer transmits the vibrations to the mesh through the resonating frame. Each wire of the mesh is vibrated at high frequency which helps in removal of embedded particles in the mesh & also prevents further choking of mesh. It also helps in breaking of agglomerates.

Advantages over conventional anti-blinding methods

The conventional anti-blinding method consists of rubber balls and plastic rings etc. These methods have their own limitations. They are useful for coarse mesh cleaning & their efficiency goes down drastically when used for fine mesh. The rubber balls make point contact; the plastic rings have a peripheral contact with the mesh. Since they hit randomly at various points under the mesh, the cleaning of the mesh is not thorough. Due to constant hitting, the balls & rings degenerate & mix with the product. There is also considerable reduction in the mesh life due to the abrasion with balls or rings. Whereas in the ultrasonic anti-blinding, the whole mesh is vibrated at very high frequency that helps to dislodge the embedded particles gently without causing damage to the mesh or the product.

The increase in throughput by using ultrasonic anti-blinding is 3-5 times more than the conventional anti-blinding, depending upon the nature of the products screened.

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