Gyromixer is used to mix/blend various products. It is an ideal replacement for conical/ribbon mixer/blender. It is very compact in size & very high in mixing efficiency, used for non pasty products.

Material is fed to the gyro mixer from the opening at the top of the mixer. Liquid additives, if any, can also be added to the material.

There are no moving parts in the gyro mixer. The mixing blades are stationery & the material is churned vigorously in the gyro mixer bowl by vibrations transmitted to the material by a specially designed motor. The material passes through strategically located blades which help in thorough mixing of the material. After finishing the mixing cycle, the mixed material is discharged through a butterfly valve located at the outlet of the gyro mixer.

There is no scraping of blades like in ribbon blender or tumbling like conical blender. Space occupied, power consumption is very less. Since there are no external moving parts there is comparative safety to the operator.

Gyromixer comes in various models with capacities ranging from 100kg to 4tons depending upon the material characteristics.

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