Gyro Leaf Filter

Gyro-leaf filter is a new revolutionary concept introduced by JVC SEPARATION ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED.

It combines the essentials of a stationary pressure leaf filter & adds advantages of a Gyro screen to enhance filtering efficiency.

Unlike the pressure leaf filter, gyro-leaf filter does not allow build up of solid particles on the leaves for a longer period of time giving more time for filtration.

When the gyro-filter has enough built up of solids that is indicated by the pressure indicator on the top, It is time to stop the feed, open the solid discharge valves & the accumulated solids will come out automatically. There is no need of pneumatic actuator or a butterfly valve to remove the solids. The filter leaves can be cleaned by giving steam/hot water in the reverse direction.

Altogether, the Gyro-leaf filter is very highly efficient filtering equipment that is user friendly occupies less space, low on maintenance & very cost competitive.

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