Chopper cum Grinder Machine

It consists of two chambers. The chopping chamber has a set of fixed and rotating knives. Grinder chamber consists of central plates with holding hammers to grind grains and cakes etc. the screens below give the required size of the final products. Both the rotors are mounted on the same shaft with single drive. Two different hoppers are provided on opposite sides for individual chambers. Motors HP ranges 5-10 and 15-30 HP capacity approx. from 300kgs to 3Ton/hr.

Chipper cum Grinder Machine

The chipper chamber consists of rotary plate with sets of knives to cut the material against fixed knives at inlet hopper. Material is further ground to the required size in adjacent chamber consisting of hammers mounted on central plates. Size of the final product is obtained by screen size provided in the chamber.

Motor HP ranges from 10-30; Capacity depends on material consistencies.

Application: To chip and cut branches, twigs, plants and shrubs. It can be used for making pulp, input feed material for boilers etc.

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